Complete Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole Set

Window cleaning water fed pole sets including carbon fibre hybrid pole, nylon bush, pencil jets, pneumatic connection, gooseneck and 5mm ribbed PVC hose.
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Our window cleaning water fed pole sets are made up of our hybrid carbon fibre pole, nylon brush, 5mm ribbed PVC hose, pencil jets, pneumatic connection and goose neck all ready to go.

Our brushes are 10" sill nylon brushes attached to the pole with an adjustable angle gooseneck, perfect for reaching tough windows.

The poles come in a range of different sizes as you can see below and from the dropdown menu above.


 Pole Working Reach  Extended Length   Closed Length  Sections Approx Pole Weight  Handle Diameter 
9ft Pole   9ft  1.25m 2' 3"   400g 24.5mm 
15ft Pole   15ft 3.01m 3' 9"   3 550g  27.5mm 
18ft Pole   18ft  4.00m  4' 9"  3  750g  27.5mm
22ft Pole   22ft 5.23m   4' 9"  4  1060g 30.5mm 
 26ft Pole  26ft 6.39m   4' 9"  5  1360g 33.5mm 
31ft Pole  31ft  8.10m  5' 1"  6 1800g   36.5mm
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