What is De-ionising Resin?

What is De-ionising Resin?


Resin is one of the most effective forms of water purification for many applications such as (but not limited to) window cleaning. Simply put, resin is a filtration media in bed form, designed to remove impurities from feed water as the water passes through the bed.


Ions of the water impurities are attracted to the charge of the resin. In mixed bed resin such as MB115 and MB151, the negative anion and positive cation maximises the range of impurities removed. Not all resin is mixed bed. For example, Nitrate Resin NSSR is ion-specific – as in it only attracts nitrate.

The use of resin is not limited to window cleaning. If the application is commercial and the input TDS is under 100ppm, it is more effective to use multiple resin vessels than a RO system under certain circumstances. Read on for more applications and the best resin for each.



Where does Window Cleaning Resin Come From? 

Most resin is from India, where the study of water filtration has been an important one for many years due to the poor water supply for many towns and cities. Resin is manufactured rather than extracted naturally.


How Long Does Window Cleaning Resin Last? 

There is no easy answer to this question. A variety of factors come into play to determine the lifespan of the resin, including levels of heavy metals, the quality of feed water, the quality of the resin, and the depth of the resin bed. The best practice when assessing the quality of the resin is by using a TDS meter. With colour change resin (that changes colour as the resin becomes overused), it is still advisable to use a TDS meter to monitor the effectiveness of the resin.  


What is the Best Resin?  

The type of resin that is best applied depends on the application. As mentioned above, resin is not only relevant to window cleaning but a variety of processes. Here is a rundown of the resin on our site and the best uses:



A resin stage with MB115 resin works well after an RO system to produce pure DI water for various applications such as:

  • Window cleaning.
  • Home car washing.
  • Marine aquatics.
  • Electronics.
  • Car Valeting/Detailing.

MB115 resin can be used in a vessel when used on its own. Recommended for water with an input TDS of 200ppm or under.



Like MB115, MB151 resin can be used in a vessel when used on its own. In contrast to MB15, it is ideally used for input TDS of 200ppm or over. Whereas MB115 is used more commercially, 151 is more used for domestic purposes such as windows and car cleaning around the house. MB151 is designed for use in hard water areas. For commercial applications, it’s more cost-effective to use a RO system than an MB151 resin stage.


MB115 Colour Change 

MB115 colour change resin has the same applications as 115 but it is designed for use in a clear housing. This is to make use of the Visual depletion indicator – as it starts to expire it changes colour from dark green/black to a sandy yellow colour.


225 NAF Water Softener

225 NAF water softener is for commercial and residential water softeners that use salt as part of the regen process/cycle. It can also be used for fresh water and tropical aquatic applications where soft water is required but is designed to be used on new/freshwater going into the aquarium as it is not suitable for use in the aquarium itself.


Nitrate Resin NSSR 

Nitrate resin NSSR is the newest resin to come into our range and is an ion-specific media as mentioned before. This resin is perfect for use in pond/aquatics; tropical, freshwater and marine. It’s also ideal for use in private water supplies such as wells, springs, boreholes, and streams.


Get in Touch if You Need Advice On The Best Resin for You

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