Inline Water Pressure Regulator for Undersink Filters - 1/4" or 3/8" Fittings

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Inline water pressure regulator with 1/2" NPT thread. This pressure regulator will protect your water filtration system from the phenommen know as "Water Hammer". This is when due to sudden changes in the pressure caused by flow variation to large water users. You can use this device with standard 1/2" BSP pipe connections on inlet & 1/4" BSP or NPT fittings on outlet.

Available with 1/4" and 3/8" connections.

We do suggest to protect your under sink water filtration system by fitting one of these devices. Simple to fit merely cut your water filter pipe, follow the direction of flow arrows and feel confident that you are protected from sudden surge in mains water pressure that may damage your water filtration system.

Technical Information

  • Maximum inlet water pressure 220psi 
  • Outlet pressure 0~90psi, although preset to 30~43psi
  • Maximum Flow Rate: =5.0L /Min
  • Inlet Connectors: Inlet Connection 1/2" NPT 
  • Outlet Connection NPT 1/4"
  • Operating Temperature: 5~45c
  • Suitable medium: Normal Domestic Water Main Supply
The pressure can be adjusted by removing the control knob and adjust using an 8mm wrench. Rotate clockwise outlet pressure increase, rotate anti clockwise, outlet pressure reduces.
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