Water Leak Detector & Shutoff

Electronic water leakage detector, battery operated, alarm and auto water shutoff. Available with 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" inline connections.

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Advanced leak detector for use with water filters, dispensers and horticultural/agricultural processes. This highly sophisticated unit is the best available on the market, manufactured by the highly respected Taiwanese company Savant who are a specialist water control company. It operates at a higher pressure of 6 bar, and a maximum water temperature of 80°C.
If installed correctly, this device will turn off your water the moment a leak is detected. A leak detector is a normal requirement of your insurance company if you are in a multi-story office block.


  • Fit the battery provided in the battery enclosure
  • Connect the water control valve in the water entering your appliance
  • Place the alarm unit with the metal contact, touching the area you wish to protect from leaks
  • The connecting cable between the alarm module and water shut off valve is 1.5 metres


  • Water leak control with auto shut off and alarm
  • Low battery power alert
  • Battery operated - supplied with a 9 volt battery
  • Max. water operating pressure: 6 bar (approx. 84 psi)
  • Full specification sheet is linked below

This meter is manufactured by the reputable Taiwanese company Savant Electronics, who specialise in this type of equipment.

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