Water Leak Detector & Automatic Water Shut Off

Water leak detector with automatic water shut-off valve for use with RO filters, fridge water filters and under sink water filters.

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Water leak detector with automatic water shut-off for office water chillers and under sink filters. This turns off mains water instantly. Available with 1/4" fittings (standard) or option for 3/8" fittings.

Ideal for protecting the flow of water going to your water filter. This can be attached to your office water chiller/under sink cupboard by a screw or self adhesive pads. Does need to be fitted in closed proximity to your water filter and in a location where you would expect water to flow if there was a leak. The water leak control valve operates by a simple method of expansion, when a chemical block becomes wet it expands and closes off the water supply to your water filter.

This product is virtually maintenance free and operates without any electrical power. It is able to prevent substantial financial losses with the automatic water shut-off. Any leaks can be detected by the naked eye with the transparent area of the expansion cartridge that detects the leaks.


  • Inlet/outlets: 1/4" (6mm) quick change push fit fittings
  • Operating pressure: 7~100psi
  • Operating humidity: up to 70%
  • Dimensions:38 (w) x 71 (d) x 59 (h)mm
  • Installation: screw, magnetic, sticky pads
  • Material: POM, ABS


  • Made out of a food grade material
  • Protects valuable cupboards from possible water leak damage due to mechanical or electrical failure
  • Readily available replacement trigger leak detector capsules - 3 for £5.00
  • Buy with complete confidence from an established Lincolnshire company.
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