Water filtration for Window Cleaning

Pure water for window cleaning makes sense. The impurities in the municipal water supply present problems to window cleaners. Solve the problem of streaky and dirty finishes by introducing a water filtration system in your setup. 


Tap Water


Mains water contains minerals, sediments, and impurities such as calcium and magnesium. These contaminants will leave windows with a milky white residue that is not desirable. They will also cause unwanted streaks. For a clear streak-free finish, purified water is advised. Pure water is free from unwanted minerals and dirt allowing for a clear finish when the water naturally evaporates. 


Why choose to use pure water


Pure water allows for a chemical-free, efficient, and safe clean. Purified water helps remove impurities and dirt from the windows as you clean without the use of detergents, making it environmentally friendly. Agitating the dirt before rinsing will allow for you to leave the window wet, eliminating the need for laborious drying or the need for a squeegee, saving you valuable time and effort.


Where technology can help 


TDS meter – (Total dissolvable solids)


There is a range of TDS meters on the market. Handheld mounted and pocket sized. These devices are used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids in the water. Dissolved ionised solids, such as salts and minerals, increase the conductivity of the water. The TDS meter then measures the conductivity and estimates the TDS from that reading.


Test coming out of the tap, after the RO process and once the water has been deionised.


Reverse Osmosis Unit


Reverse osmosis filtration units remove contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride nitrates, and much more. This treatment process involves forcing water particles through a semipermeable membrane. This allows for contaminants to be filtered and leaves the water clean and ready to move on to the next process.





DI Resin Vessels


Deionised or DI water is water that has had all (or a majority) of the ions removed such as Sodium, Calcium & Magnesium. The ions within the water can often be picked up as the water travels through soil or water pipes. As ions are naturally occurring, filtering them out is an effective method of producing pure water. 



Keep your setup flowing with a pump connected from your storage to your hose and pole. There are a variety of pumps on the market to accommodate different PSI 

and litres. 


Hoses and Reels


A hose and a reel are vital parts of the window cleaning business. The reel prevents kinks and excess wear on the hose. Having a hose coiled up on a reel also protects the hose from UV damage. A hose reel likewise prevents the hose from being a trip hazard. It creates ease and neatness for storage and puts less strain on the user when re-coiling.




Water-fed poles are available in a multitude of lengths accommodating all needs. They are far safer to use than the traditional way of cleaning and climbing up a ladder. Using a pole also gives access to up to new heights without the need for a ladder. The poles usually have a brush on the end that agitates the dirt while the purified water washes it away whilst leaving the window clean and smear-free.

Other attachments are available for the need of the clean.




Water pole systems are far better for the environment as they eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and detergents used with traditional methods.

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