RT-790 TDS Meter & High TDS Alarm Monitor with 1/4" Pushfit Fittings

Digital TDS meter with programmable high TDS audible alarm, suitable for pole window cleaning, aquatics and similar where TDS is important.

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Savant RT-790 is a digital LED TDS meter with the option of a built in alarm. The options for use are manual or Automatic Mode. In Automatic Mode you may set the High TDS point and the device will monitor the TDS and if it finds the set value has been exceeded 3 times will sound the alarm. 

The meter is easy to set in Automatic Mode and can be used in either mode. To maintain the accuracy of the device it is important to keep the electrode clean.

This is delivered with a 1/4" Pushfit fitting but other options are available at extra cost.
  • Fitting to allow connection to 3/8" pipe
  • Fitting to allow connection to 1/2" pushfit pipe - suitable for Merlin RO
  • Fittings to allow connection to 1/2" hosepipe - this is the most expensive connection as it consists of 4 parts and is terminated in 1/2" barbed hose fittings, you will need 2 small screw hose clamps (Jubilee Clips) to connect.

Technical Specification

  • Automatic or Manual TDS Testing
  • Alarm Programmable Range 5-250ppm (increments of 5)
  • Accuracy +/- 2%
  • Cable between monitor & probe 45cm
  • Size 70L x 55H x 33D all sizes in mm
  • 1/4" Pushfit male- other options available
  • Battery operated, 2 AA batteries (included)

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