TYP-2500 Reverse Osmosis RO 50GPD (US Gallons) Booster Pump with Power Supply and Fittings

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Booster pump and power supply, which will suit a 50gpd (US Gallons) RO filter system. This is as fitted to our reliable Vyair reverse osmosis water filters. These are optimised to work with most standard unpumped RO water filters. Supplied with 1/4" push fit pipe fittings.

As you may be aware, RO water filter output is dependant upon a good water pressure and temperature. Here in the UK, the tap water temperature is quite stable, but the mains water pressure can vary from a low 20 to a high 80 psi (1.5 to 5.5 bar). Most RO systems do require 50 psi to operate well. If you have a RO system and the output is extremely low, you may need a booster pump.
Booster pumps will dramatically improve the amount of water produced from your RO water filter. As a rule of thumb, if you can provide the right pressure and volume of water for your system, you should be able to achieve approximately 50 to 60% of the rated membrane output. 
Membranes are tested at 23 ºC, and for each ºC below this temperature, you lose around 4% output, Many sellers on the internet will state one of their pumps will ensure you get the stated output from the membrane, however they do not understand the technicalities of the product and the real world factors. We would rather provide you with the information that we know to be accurate.
It is important to match the capacity of your pump to the size of your membrane. It would be pointless pairing this pump up with a 200 gallon per day membrane and expecting an amazing result, as the output is too low.

Package Contents

  • Pump
  • Power supply
  • Fitted power plug
  • Fitted electrical connections to join pump and power supply together
  • 1/4" push fit to 3/8" NPT threaded pump fittings
  • Roll of PTFE thread sealing tape

Technical Specification

  • Pump: 24 volt,  0.65amp
  • Flow rate: 0.6 litres per minute
  • Pump ports: 3/8" female NPT threads
  • Working pressure: 80 psi
  • Power supply: Input - 220/240v 50htz / Output - 1.2 amp, 24 volts ( works with normal UK electricity supply)
  • This pump is not designed for 24/7 continuous operation, and should be rested for 30 minutes every 4 hours

Notice: Please ensure that you select the correct capacity pump for your reverse osmosis system, for example a 100gpd pump for a 100gpd unit.

If the incorrect pump is selected, you may experience water quality and production issues with your reverse osmosis system.

Pump care:

Do not run a pump for more than 4 hours continuously.

This is to stop the pump from overheating and becoming damaged.

To achieve this, we would suggest installing some form of timer, so that after 4 hours of operation the pump has a 15-30 minute break. This will enable the pump to cool down.

The warranty for the pump would be null and void if no timer is used. If there is an issue with the pump we would ask for evidence of a timer being used to allow the item to be covered by the warranty

Do not allow the pump to run dry (without an active water source) as this will damage the pump.

The only time that we would suggest running the pump without an active water supply is if you have a low pressure switch wired into the pump, as this will automatically switch the pump off when the incoming water flow is turned off.

The warranty for the pump would be null and void if used in an application of running dry without a low pressure switch- We will ask for evidence of use of a low pressure switch to receive a warranty replacements of the pump

We suggest that the pumps are permanently mounted. This is to stop any potential for the pump to vibrate and become damaged

We will ask for evidence of how the pump is mounted for the item to be covered by its warranty.

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