RO-1 Dental - 50 GPD (US Gallons) Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with Optional DI Resin Stage for Dentistries

Vyair reverse osmosis water filter system. Designed especially for dentistries to provide purified water for autoclaves.

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This is an automatic flushing state of the art reverse osmosis water filter system, complete with 5 stage filtration, RO membrane, pressure tank, all fittings and 1/4 turn water tap. This system has been assembled specifically for dental RO to provide reverse osmosis water supply for use in autoclaves and rinsing instruments.

Please Note: A further DI polishing stage may be added to this unit. Please select the option above.

Vyair have assembled a complete cost effective reverse osmosis filter system focusing upon the requirements of the dental surgery. The RO-1 with a 50 or 100 gallon (US Gallons) membrane will provide a pure water solution for many types of autoclaves.

If your autoclave has built-in water testing and requires water with 0-2 TDS we suggest the addition of a DI stage to ensure that the output water has zero TDS. Utilising the latest colour change DI resins, monitoring the resin colour alerts you to change the DI resin. The modern colour change resin changes from green to a yellow straw colour when depleted and needs changing.

This listing is for the RO-1, complete and ready to install. This includes:

  • RO-1 complete
  • Extras include below
  • 5 metres extra pipe (9m in total)
  • John Guest 3/4" BSP - 1/4" Push Fit mains water connection (to connect to washing machine type connection)
  • 1/4" check valve for rinse water outlet

If you require the DI resin stage complete with all the fittings please add to the order as an option. This final resin stage will come complete with all fittings, including a fill of colour change DI resin. When the resin turns from green to yellow the resin will require changing.

What's in the Box:

Size: W472mm x D170mm x H370mm

  • Pumped reverse osmosis unit with fitted 13amp plug
  • Brand new set of three filters
  • 50 gallons a day (option to increase to 100gal/day) reverse osmosis membrane (US Gallons)
  • Lined steel 3.2 gallon reverse osmosis water pressure tank
  • Mains self-piercing connector
  • 1/4 turn chrome ceramic disc tap included
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting pipe
  • Roll of PTFE tape
  • This unit is pumped.

Input/output, this ensures your output is maintained even if you suffer with reduced with reduced water pressure. To ensure your RO membrane remains efficient and provides it maximum output a pressure must be maintained on the membrane. You do need 1bar mains pressure for this to operate effectively. Our normal water pressure is in excess of 2 bar.

It is important that your reverse osmosis membrane is flushed regularly to ensure that impurities do not start to block the membrane or damage it. It is important to maintain pressure on the membrane for optimum output. With this unit you do not have to worry it is automatic, as it is all taken care of.

This product is made from heavy duty food grade plastic, casings. The filters are manufactured by a quality iso 9001 company a member of the Water Quality Association of America. This unit will provide you with tap water tasting as good as it gets.

Stages of Filtration

  • Stage 1 - PP filter - made from spun polyester designed to remove particles, impurities from water.
  • Stage 2 - GAC filter - made from granular carbon media contained in food grade housing designed to remove chlorine & odour from water.
  • Stage 3 - CTO filter - made from extruded high quality activated carbon, removes particles as small as 5 microns
  • Stage 4 - Reverse osmosis membrane - designed to remove, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and bacteria. Water as pure as it gets; removes 97 - 99% of all impurities.

This unit is manufactured to comply with reverse osmosis standard NSF58.

This unit will remove: sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, aluminium, ammonium, copper, nickel, zinc, strotium, cadnium, silver, mercury, barium, chromium, lead, chloride, bicarbonate, nitrate, fluoride, silicate, thiosulfate, ferro cyanide, bromide, borate, arsenic, selenium.
Also removes biological & particulate contaminants: bacteria, protozoa, amoebic cysts, guardia, asbestos & any sediment

Filter Life

Dependant upon usage of the unit, the 1-3 cartridge filters will need changing every 6 months, the RO membrane requires changing at approximately 12 months. All filters are in stock and can be purchased at any time. The need to change filters is dependant upon actual use and the quality of your input water.

The pre-filters on the RO-1 will require changing every 6 months, the reverse osmosis membrane usable life is determined by monitoring with a TDS meter. When the TDS rises in the membrane output, you will need to replace the membrane.

We do suggest that you hold in stock at least one set of spare filters, as if the quality of the input water is poor the filters may become blocked in advance of the normal changing cycle. The low pressure switch will turn the unit off to protect the pump, requiring the change of the pre filters

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