RO-2N Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

VYR-RO2N Reverse Osmosis Water Filter with 5 stage filtration, LED Display, and Automatic Membrane Flushing.

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The RO-2N is an automatic, 5 stage Reverse Osmosis water filtration system that is controlled by a microprocessor, and utilises and LED display that advises on the different operational stages. The system provides water for drinking and aquariums, and can also be used for the prorogation of plants and in the pharmaceuticals industry. A 50 GPD CSM membrane comes with the unit, as does all the necessary parts, making it ready to install in your home or office.

The unit has a pumped output, ensuring your output will be maintained, even if you suffer from reduced water pressure. Optimum operation will only occur when a constant pressure is maintained on the membrane, and this unit will ensure that.

This products housings are made from heavy duty food grade plastics casings. The filters are manufactured by a quality ISO 9001 company a member of the Quality Water Association of America. This unit will provide you with tap water tasting as good as it gets.

Dependent upon usage of the unit the 4 cartridge filters will need changing every 6 months, the membrane filter requires changing at approximately 18-36 months. The life of the Reverse Osmosis Membrane, is affected by the following factors, Bacterial Contamination (not changing pre-filters often enough), Chlorine Contamination of the membrane, (again by not changing pre-fitlers often enough) and the worst culprit, Hard Water.

If you have hard water this WILL result in mineral deposits within the membrane, this results in reduced output and will end up requiring a membrane change.

We are regularly asked why we say our membranes may need changing at 18 months or less, when other sellers quote their membranes will last 3 years. We call it honest genuine expectations, our membranes are made to the same and in many cases higher specification than reverse osmosis membranes from other manufacturers. If you have very soft water or using the RO system on the output of a domestic water softener then yes you can expect a life of around 3 years. If used with a rainwater harvesting system you could expect longer as you do not have a Chlorine loading in the water you are filtering.


  • Pumped 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter.
  • Plastic Cover with LED Display
  • Automatic Water Control,
  • High Pressure Switch to Control production as you use Water
  • Low Pressure Switch to protect Pump if Filters are Blocked or mains water supply interrupted.
  • 12 Litre Pressurised Water tank 28x28x32cm
  • Brand new set of 4 filters
  • CSM 50 Gallon a day membrane
  • Steel 3.2 Gallon Piercing connector
  • 1/4 turn ceramic disc tap
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting pipe
  • Roll of PTFE tape
  • Fitted 13Amp plug
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