Reverse Osmosis System Auto Shut Off 4 Way Valve

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Reverse osmosis system auto shut off 4-way valve for RO

This 4 way RO filter control valve is ideal for controlling the flow of water coming from a water filter or similar where you want the water to be turned off when the tank is full. Connect the inlet/outlet of pure water to in/out. Connect the other in/out to the RO membrane water input. This will allow you to automatically turn off the mains water to the unit when the pressure tank or barrel of pure water is full. To indicate the tank/barrel is full you require a pressurised water tank or a tank operating in conjunction with a float valve.

Suitable for use with 1/4" (6.35mm) reverse osmosis water filter pipe. The system utilises quick and reliable push fit pipe connections.


  • Made out of a food grade material.
  • 1/4" (6.35mm) use in all 1/4" water pipes.
  • Easily control water flow from reverse osmosis system
  • This turns off the water going into RO unit, when the the pure water output is closed and high pressure
  • Fits on the pure water outlet, when this is pressurised a plunger inside turns off the input water. The effect is this prevents water entering the RO membrane housing and as such prevents the constant flow of drain water.
  • Simple to use and reliable push fit pipe connections
  • Buy with complete confidence from an established Lincolnshire company.
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