RO-400 - Reverse Osmosis RO Unit 400GPD

400gpd commercial reverse osmosis direct flow system.

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5 stage reverse osmosis pumped water filter system.

This 400 gallons per day system has been assembled with the serious professional in mind, and provides water for drinking, window cleaners, & pharmaceutical.

This is a direct flow unit, you turn the tap on and the unit will make water, when you turn the tap off the electronic control will stop the unit. 

Pumped reverse osmosis unit, with fitted 13amp plug.


  • Brand new set of 4 filters.
  • Two  200galls day reverse osmosis membrane
  • Mains water connector designed for high flow
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting pipe
  • Roll of PTFE tape

INPUT/OUTPUT, this ensures your output is maintained even if you suffer with reduced with reduced water pressure. To ensure your RO membrane remains efficient and provides it maximum output a pressure must be maintained on the membrane. You do need 1bar mains pressure for this to operate effectively. Our normal water pressure is in excess of 2 bar.

This is a high output unit and if you use this to capacity you will be required to change the filters every 6 weeks. This unit has 6 months warranty if used in commercial capacity or 12 months if used in a domestic environment.

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