Replacement Water Filter Cartridge Set for Compact Reverse Osmosis RO Systems

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A set of 2 replaceable cartridges for Compact Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.

Set includes: T33 Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge, 5 Micron PP In-line Sediment Filter Cartridge (both WQA approved).

PP cartridge is installed before the RO membrane, T33 cartridge is installed after the RO membrane.

Through its polypropylene filter media, PP cartridge removes solids in suspension such as sand, silt, dirt and rust particles down to a size of 5 microns, protecting the RO membrane against fouling and enhancing a continuous supply of fresh and clean drinking water.

Through its 'gourmet' activated carbon media, T33 serves as secondary post-filter and has at each end 1/4" inside threads. This cartridge removes ozone, pesticides, calcium carbonate, chlorine, and removes concentrations of heavy metals including lead and copper. Activated carbon stands out due to its enhanced capability to filter out the vast majority of the toxins from regular drinking water, and it is used regularly with applications where high levels of filtration and purification are paramount such as food and beverages, aquariums and aquacultre.

Cartridge set is available with the option to choose a 50gpd replacement membrane.

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