Replacement UV Ultraviolet Steriliser Filter Bulb Lamp

Replacement UV Bulb for AquaLight UV systems. This is a manufacturers original replacement part and guaranteed to fit. 

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New replacement UV bulb for the AquaLight PUV water sterilisers. This is delivered in secure professional manufacturers original packaging secure cardboard tube with packing insulation to ensure safe arrival. It is a good idea to keep one of these UV bulbs spare.

AquaLight low pressure, mercury-arc germicidal lamps are specially designed to produce the highest amount of UV radiation, typically about 90% of the total rated energy is at 253.7nm.

Please select which bulb you require from the dropdown menu. The technical specifications of each is listed below.

Bulb length = the length of the bulb is measured from flat face (end of bulb) to flat face (end of bulb).

UV Bulb Technical Specifications


  • Part Number: GPH212T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 10 Watts
  • Length: 212mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH287T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 14 Watts
  • Length: 287mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH330T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 19 Watts
  • Length: 330mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH505T5L/4-LT
  • Bulb Power: 28 Watts

  • Length: 505mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH645T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 32 watts

  • Length: 645mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: G36T5L/4-LT
  • Bulb Power: 39 watts

  • Length: 843mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH0422T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 40 watts

  • Length: 422mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GHO512T5L/4-LT
  • Bulb Power: 50 watts

  • Length: 512mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH702T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 65 watts

  • Length: 702mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH036T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 80 watts

  • Length: 843mm BF-to-BF


  • Part Number: GPH1052T5L/4LT
  • Bulb Power: 100 watts

  • Length: 105mm BF-to-BF
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