Replacement Filters for 20" 3 Stage Water Filter

Spare filters for 20" pond dechlorinator, 3 stage water filter systems and some RO systems. Includes 5 micron PP sediment, GAC carbon and CTO block carbon filters.

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Set of replacement filters which fit most 20” water fed pole window cleaning, pond dechlorinators and fish keeping filter systems.

Sediment Filter

Replacement polypropylene particulate filter for 20" filter housing. Can be used for the removal of sand, silt, dirt other particles with an accuracy of 5 microns. Maximum operating pressure is 60°c.

Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter

In the GAC filter, water flows through a filter full of activated carbon granules which remove chlorine, organic contaminants, chemicals, and undesirable tastes and odours. This is based on providing the maximum surface area of carbon granules exposed to your water.

It is important that this filter is fitted with the rubber seal upwards (most filters are water fed from the top).

Block Carbon Filter (CTO)

The combination of the ultimate in plastics extrusion and activated carbon technologies has transformed the future of carbon filtration. By incorporating powder carbon and small mesh structures with extrusion manufacturing methods, clean, consistent and economic filters termed ‘carbon block’ are created. Longer life, higher flow, no channeling, lower extractable, fine filtration, plus they are cleaner and more versatile. This is a 10 micron carbon block filter used for the removal of chlorine and certain heavy metals and contaminants. They are particularly important for the removal of chlorine from water to protect your ro membranes.

We recommend that these filters are changed every 1 - 6 months depending on output capacity, actual use and water output. The idea is to keep chlorine off of your membranes.

This does depend upon the throughput of your RO system. Do not exceed these times, or you may find that chlorine has oxidised your membranes, which will require a complete replacement.

After fitting the filters, disconnect the pre-filter output from your ro housing and allow to flush for approximately 5 to 10 minutes reconnect and start making water. This helps remove any particles from the new carbon filters and protects your membrane, if you get the small particles of carbon on your ro membrane is will cause the membrane to clog and results in early reduced flow rates.

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