Vyair Fridge Installation Connection Kit (Kit 4)

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  • Fridge Connection Kit Suitable for Samsung, and LG Filtered Ice & Water Dispensers with 1/4″ Pipe and Tubing.
  • All components included in this kit are manufactured from guaranteed and/or certified food-safe materials.
  • Basic kit contains all parts needed to connect to raw end of 15mm copper or plastic water pipe.

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Fridge connection kit to connect your Samsung, LG, or other American Style fridge to the mains water supply. This is designed to connect to a normal washing machine type connector. Perfect for the job, whether you are starting from scratch, or have recently moved house and need to re-connect the water supply to your fridge.

  • 5 or 10 Meters 1/4″ Water Pipe
  • 1/4″ Push Fit Inline Stop Valve
  • 1/4″ Push Fit – 3/4″ Female BSP Thread Connection
  • 15mm Push Fit – 3/4″ Female BSP Thread Connection
  • Pipe Cutter

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