Steel Bolt Down Hose Reel

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  • Holds up to 100m of 8mm PVC hose
  • Equipped with a universal quick connector installed on the outer side of the reel
  • Winding crank manufactured from powder coated steel

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Our industrial grey powder coated hose reel comes with solid brass hose connections. This hose reel is suitable for our PVC 8mm hose but can support up to 100m of hose length, this hose reel is suitable for many applications including window cleaning and comes complete with the three holes in the frame allowing you to bolt down as wished or needed. It also comes equipped with strong crank that has a steel core as well as solid brass hose connections.

Bolt Down – This hose reel comes complete with the 4 holes on a mounting plate, allowing you to safely secure the hose. This hose reel come equipped with the strong crank and has a steel core. This reel comes with a larger diameter steel pipe, the reel is narrower, but the diameter of the disks reels is larger so that it holds the same hose length.

  • Suitable for up to 8mm PVC hose
  • Can support up to 100m of length
  • Four holes over two mounting plates
  • Includes solid brass hose connections

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