RO-200 4 Stage Pumped Reverse Osmosis System 200gpd (32lph)

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  • Point of Use (POU) systems filter out bad tastes, colours, odours and particulates
  • RO booster pump guarantees optimum filtration by providing the RO membrane with perfect flow
  • Up to 800 litres per day of refined water, ideal for window, car and glass cleaning, aquatic organisms, hydroponics and large households. As well as Brewing, Distilling and aiding Manufacturing Processes
  • Easy to transport and simple to setup on site

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The Pumped Reverse Osmosis System is pre installed with RO booster pumps to supply the RO membrane with ideal pressure, ensuring optimum output from the system. This variation is a point of use reverse osmosis system, ideal for household and commercial use when high volumes of refined water are required quickly. They will improve both the aesthetics of the water as well as removing any bad tastes or odours.

Larger than our slim systems, the RO-200 utilises a third stage of pre filtration in the form of granular activated carbon. Compared with only the two stages in our slim systems, this both prolongs the life of the RO membrane inside and also work more effectively to reduce chlorine levels within your water. All RO systems can be purchased with customisable consumables. Some are designed to target specific contaminants, eg. Chloramine, and others are rated at increasing efficiencies depending on the quality of your source water, and how long you would like your filters to serve for.

Pump Care

Do not run a pump continuously for more than 4 hours or allow a pump to run dry. Doing so will cause the pump to overheat and become damaged. So that you do not need to manually turn the system on and off every 4 hours, we suggest installing a timer to give the pump a thirty minute break so that it will cool down. We also recommend you install a low pressure switch before your pump so that it does not run dry with little feed flow. A pump should also be mounted using the built in mounting holes to stop the pump from getting damaged through uncontrolled vibration.

If any of the above directions are not followed, the warranty of the pump will be null and void. We will ask for evidence of you following the above directions and will not issue a warranty replacement without any.

System Specifications:

  • System Dimensions mm – H 445 x W 370 x D 190
  • System Weight kg – 11
  • Inlet Feed Connection – 1/4″ Pushfit
  • Outlet Feed Connection – 1/4″ Pushfit


Membrane Specifications:

  • Permeate Flow Rate gpd (lph) – 100 (16)
  • Active Area m² – 0.54
  • Stabilised Rejection Rate – 96%
  • Maximum Recommended Recovery – 33%
  • Operating Pressure bar (psi) – 3 – 6 (43 – 87)
  • Operating Temperature °C (°F) – 5 – 45 (41 – 113)
  • Feed Flow Rate lpm – 1.9 – 9.1
  • Free Chlorine Tolerance ppm – <0.1
  • PH Range – 3 – 10
  • PH Range (Chemical Cleaning) – 2 – 11
  • Maximum Feed Silt Density Index SDI – 5
  • Maximum Feedwater Turbidity NTU – < 1
  • Recommended Shelf Life – 2 Years


Pump Specifications:

  • Pump Model – EC-204-200A
  • Flow gpd (lph) – ≥ 800 (126.2)
  • Inlet Pressure bar (psi) – 0.7 – 2.8 (10 – 40)
  • Working Pressure bar (psi) – 4.9 (70)
  • Voltage V DC – 24
  • Power Supply Voltage – 24
  • Working Current A – ≤ 1.6
  • Maximum Current A – ≤ 2.2
  • Power Supply Current A – ≤ 5.0
  • Port Size – 3/8″ FNPT
  • Dimensions L mm – 207
  • Dimensions H mm – 102
  • Dimensions W mm – 103
  • Weight kg – 2.3
  • Particle Filter – 5 micron polypropylene pre filter traps large particulates
  • Carbon Cartridges – Activated granular carbon and carbon block reduces chlorine, taste, odour and organic impurities
  • 2 x RO-1812-100 Membranes – RO Membrane Reduces heavy metals, salts, bacteria and viruses
  • Booster Pump – EC-204-200A self-regulating pump with safety step-down transformer
  • RO and Filter Housing Spanners – Making membrane and filter replacements quick and simple to carry out
  • 5M Tubing – 5 meters of 1/4″ tubing split between the inlet and pure and waste outlets makes initial setup simple and accommodates for multiple locations
  • Flow Restrictor – Applies back pressure to the membrane to increase the permeate (pure) water production and decrease the concentrate (waste) water production.
  • Flush Valve – The ability of manual flushing regularly will prolong the life of the RO Membrane by reducing the chances of it fouling
  • Drain Saddle Valve – To connect the system waste outlet to your property’s drainage
  • Feed Water Connector – To connect the system inlet to your property’s water supply
  • Automatic Flush Valve – The ability for the system to automatically flush the RO membrane will prolong the life of the RO Membrane by reducing the chances of it fouling
  • Low Pressure Switch – Safeguards the pumps if the water supply is to fail
  • High Pressure Switch – Safeguards the system if water pressure reaches Up to 26psi

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