Refillable Cartridge Filled with MB-115 Colour Change Deionisation Resin

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  • Green to yellow colour change indicator when service life has ended
  • Specifically designed for treatment of soft water (<250ppm)
  • Sponges eliminate media migrating into treated water
  • Thick gasket and screw head secures the cartridge from leaks
  • Standard sizing ensures universal compatibility

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Whilst keeping costs down compared to other types of purified water, Our resin is broadly used within both household and commercial environments as a post polishing stage after reverse osmosis. Applications stretch from protecting aquatic life occupying varying sized marine aquariums, to window and glass cleaning operations including small scale personal car cleaning and even larger business based window cleaning and detailing services. DI resin has cleaning applications beyond the bonnet – It can be used for windscreen wiper fluid, diluting anti freeze and safely cooling and cleaning radiators and engines without contamination, prolonging the life of hardworking car parts. By having such a low concentration of ions, treated water from this resin aggressively draws out the contaminants from the surroundings and surfaces it is cleaning to leave a dirt and streak free shine.

Our deionisation resin is expertly produced in two grades: MB-115 & MB-151. Both are virgin (non regenerated), mixed bed resins designed for the most efficient treatment of water whilst being capable of the highest capacities. In both outcomes, our resin will produce pure water with extremely low values of electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS). MB-115 is specifically designed to purify source water of up to 250ppm by using a mix of of strong acid cation and strong base anion resins in a 1 : 1.5 ratio.


  • Window Cleaning
  • Car Cleaning / Detailing
  • Marine Aquariums
  • Brewery Processes
  • Distillation Processes
  • Production of Inks
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Printing Processes

Media Specification

  • Colour Change Indicator – Green to Yellow
  • Appearance – Spherical Beads
  • Type – Gel
  • Matrix – Crosslinked Polystyrene
  • Particle Size Range mm – 0.3 – 1.2
  • Moisture Holding Capacity % – 47 – 60
  • Maximum Operating Temp °C (°F) – 60 (140)

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