Pressure Vessel Filled with MB-151 Deionisation Resin

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  • NSF / ANSI 44 Certified for material and structural integrity
  • Specifically designed for treatment of hard water (>250ppm)
  • Completely built, filled and quality checked before leaving the door
  • 100% rust proof and corrosion resistant
  • High pressure reinforced to eliminate any bursts or leaks

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Our pressure vessels are constructed using reinforced fibreglass and food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE), containing no welds or joins. This sets an industry standard for delivering great strength and performance for pressure and temperature ratings.

An alternative to water treatment systems is our stronger grade of resin, widely used in household and commercial settings when using untreated source water and popular for personal glass, window and car cleaning but also a force in the industry of window cleaning and car detailing. This resin deals well with the stubborn ions within water with a TDS value of over 250ppm, usually treating and purifying water directly from a tap feed, and exhibits a long service life. By being of such low concentration of ions, treated water from this resin aggressively draws out the contaminants from the surroundings and surfaces it is cleaning to leave a dirt and streak free shine.

Our deionisation resin is expertly produced in two grades: MB-115 & MB-151. Both are virgin (non regenerated), mixed bed resins designed for the most efficient treatment of water whilst being capable of the highest capacities. In both outcomes, our resin will produce pure water with extremely low values of electrical conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS). MB-151 resin achieves its power using a mix of of strong acid cation and strong base anion resins in a 1.5 : 1 ratio.


  • Window Cleaning
  • Car Cleaning / Detailing
  • Industrial Cleaning

Vessel Specification

  • Operating Pressure psi (bar) – < 152 (< 10.5)
  • Operating Temperature °C (°F) – 1 – 49 (34 – 120)
  • Min. Exposed Temperature °C (°F) – -29 (-20)
  • Max. Vacuum mm HG (” HG) – 127 (5)
  • Vessel Head Ports – 1″ F BSP

Media Specification

  • Appearance – Spherical Beads
  • Type – Gel
  • Matrix – Crosslinked Polystyrene
  • Particle Size Range mm – 0.3 – 1.2
  • Moisture Holding Capacity % – 47 – 60
  • Maximum Operating Temp °C (°F) – 60 (140)
  • Pressure Vessel Shell – Provides reinforced high pressure to effectively support the water treatment process
  • Distribution System – Contains the vessel head and sealing O-ring, a top and bottom media distributor and riser tube
  • Treatment Media – Our vessels are available to be filled with any of our media, this vessel comes filled with MB-151 High Performance DI Resin
  • Connections – Choose your ideal pipe or hose connection method from our range of fittings

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