Natural Bone Charcoal Carbon Media

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  • Conforms to BS14456 for the Production of Drinking Water
  • Specifically Designed to Target Chloramine, Fluoride and Hazardous Metals and Compounds
  • Increased Sustainability Achieved by Recycling Already Unused Cattle Bones

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Natural charcoal is ideal for the treatment of water in any capacity and can be used in industries that span worldwide. It is a very common practice to use this within the aquatics industry to remove chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals that can be harmful to aquatic life and is very popular amongst the sugar industry to remove colours in the bleaching process. A quality that supports the decolourisation and deodorisation for drinking water applications. Bone char can also be scaled up to large industry processes such as refining crude oil to produce types of petroleum.

Bone charcoal gets its name from its production process of burning charred cattle bones, after being cleaned and dried, to produce a black powdered amorphous type of carbon. Even though it usually has lower surface areas than activated carbons, it presents a superior absorption capacity.


  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquatics
  • Appearance – Irregular and Hard Black Granules
  • Matrix – Inorganic complex phosphate structure and elemental carbon
  • PH – 8.5 – 12
  • Bulk Density kg/m3 – 560 – 720
  • Moisture Holding Capacity % – 8
  • Water Solubility – Insoluble
  • Maximum Operating Temp °C (°F) – 45 (113)

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