ProWater Pleated Particle Filtration Cartridge

  • Industry outstanding 0.6m² surface and filtration area
  • Outer cage ensures a high level of product integrity whilst allowing no media bypass
  • Micron sizes as low as 0.22 micron, effectively removing bacteria
  • Efficiency rating of up to 99%
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At a surface area of up to 50% greater than other standard pleated cartridges, the ProWater pleated filter combines multiple layers of folded polypropylene to achieve some of the highest efficiencies available. Characteristics of high dirt loading and low pressure drops are all packed into a filter with an optimised lifespan, protected by a strong core and outer cage, also aiding the reduction of particle migration. We offer our range of cartridges in broad micron sizes, spanning from less than 1 micron, up to 100, specialised to target specific sizes and contaminants, popularly bacteria.

  • Operating Temperature °C (°F) – 2 – 82 (35 – 180)
  • Media Material – Polypropylene
  • Average Life Span – 3 – 6 Months
  • Average Efficiency – 95-99%
  • Inner Diameter ” – 1.1
  • Outer Diameter ” – 2.7

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