Lyra Chrome Three Way Kitchen Swivel Spout Tap

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  • In House tested to provide hot, cold and filtered water from independent pipes to avoid contamination.
  • Compact design allows you to save space as well as having a modern, stylish tap attached to your kitchen sink.
  • Simple 11 step installation Instructions.

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This three-way kitchen tap is all you need for that stylish kitchen of yours! This tap allows you to have the best off three worlds dispensing hot, cold, and flittered water. This timeless design of the new kitchen pull-down faucet balances a contemporary aesthetic with superior ergonomics. A versatile and great value faucet, it brings comfort, function, and style to the kitchen workspace. Not only satisfying your needs of cleaning, but also saving 30% water effectively with its soft and saving water aerator.

  • Operating Pressure psi (bar) – 14.5 – 116 (1 – 8)
  • Material – Brass
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Spout Type – Swivel spout with fitted aerator
  • Connections – Braided metal hose with 1/2” fittings
  • Distance mm – 265 (from middle of tap body to middle of spout)
  • Height mm – 305 (work surface to top of tap)
  • Width mm – 255 (work surface to water spout)
  • Weight kg – 2.6

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