Fisher & Paykel 847200 Replacement Fridge Water Filter Cartridge (VYR-49A)

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  • WRAS Approved to comply with the highest standards set out by water regulations in the United Kingdom
  • Manufactured using NSF Compliant materials to produce like for like performance in comparison to Original Brand parts, at a healthier price point
  • Compatible with Fisher & Paykel 847200 (See full compatibility list below)

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Contribute a big difference to your health, skin, and energy by maintaining proper hydration throughout the day. Vyair filter cartridges provide you with fresh, great-tasting drinking water direct from your fridge / freezer’s water dispenser by using advanced water filtration technology . The premium coconut carbon block filters out and reduces rust, corrosion, sediment and other harsh chemicals. Better yet, the carbon components used also contribute to the reduction of chlorine taste and odour while retaining minerals beneficial to health.


Note: Not compatible with part-numbers 836848, 836860 and 81099 / 842802 / 839041 / 862285 / 862288. Please check your previous filter model number before making any purchase.

Fisher & Paykel

  • 847200
  • RS9120W Activesmart Integrated


  • RS90AU1, RS9120WLJ1, RS9120WRJ1, RS9120WRU1, RF605QDUVX1, RF540ADUB5, RF540ADUX4, RF522BRPUX6, E522BLXFDU4, E522BRXFDU4, RF522WDLUX4, RF522WDRUX4, E442BRXFDU4, E402BRXFDU4, RF402BRPUX6, RS4621FLJK1, RS6121FLJK1, RS7621FLJK1, RS6121SRK1, RS7621SRK1
  • RF135BDLJX4 (25797-A), RF135BDLUX4 (25062-A, 25062-B, 25062-C), RF135BDRJX4 (25798-A), RF135BDRUX4 (25063-A, 25063-B, 25063-C), RF135BLPJX6 (25111-A, 25110-A, 25110-B, 25111-B, 25110-C, 25111-C)
  • RF170ADJX4 (25802-A), RF170ADU
  • RF201ACJSX1 (25371-A, 25371-B), RF201ACUSX1 (25372-A, 25372-B), RF201ADJSX5 (25799-A), RF201ADUSB5 (25608-A, 25608-B), RF201ADUSX5 (25072-A, 25072-B, 25072-C) 
  • RS36A72J1 (25075-C, 25823-A), RS36A72U1 (25805-A), RS36A72U1 (25076-B, 25076-C), RS36A80J1 (24300-C), RS36A80J1 (25074-C, 25822-A), RS36A80U1 (24301-C), RS36A80U1 (25073-B, 25073-C, 25804-A), RS36W80LJ1 (24386-C), RS36W80LJ1 (25105-C, 25824-A), RS36W80RJ1 (24387-C), RS36W80RJ1 (25106-C, 25825-A), RS36W80RU1 (24388-C), RS36W80RU1 (25107-B, 25107-C, 25826-A)



  • Operating Temperature °C (°F) – 0.6 – 38 (33 – 100)
  • Operating Pressure psi (kPa) – 25 – 100 (1.7 – 6.9)
  • Rated Capacity l (G) – 1,137 (300) (6 Month Average)
  • Flow Rate lpm (gpm) – < 1.9 (< 0.5)

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