Brita Maxtra & Maxtra+ Replacement Water Jug Filter cartridge (VYR-AQK-07)

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  • TÜV tested and certified for the effective reduction of limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants.
  • Like for like performance in comparison to Original Brand parts at a healthier price point, featuring 4 stages of filtration
  • Compatible with Brita Maxtra & Maxtra+ Water Jug (See full compatibility list below)

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Post 2020 jugs

A small portion of recent jug models may require the use of our valve insert. Please refer to the instructions inside your box for a simple guide on how to fit this accessory. This valve insert is designed for jug models that contain the flow restrictor valve within the jug.

Maintaining proper hydration throughout the day makes a big difference to your health, skin, and energy. VYR-AQK-07 filters utilize advanced water filtration technology to remove chlorine. bad tastes and odours and contaminants, providing you with fresh, great-tasting drinking water. Cost-Effective & Crystal Clear Water

Four Stage Filtration

  1. Fine mesh filter to trap large particles floating in the water (sand, silt, dirt, rust)
  2. Food grade ion-exchange resin removes scale forming minerals and heavy metals
  3. Activated carbon removes chlorine, taste and odour
  4. Secondary fine mesh filter further reduces the presence of particulates



  • Maxtra, Maxtra+
  • Aluna Cool, Aluna XL (pre 2020 versions)
  • Marella XL / Cool (pre 2020 versions)
  • Liquelli
  • Fjord Cool Plus


  • Elemaris XL
  • Elemaris Meter XL
  • Elemaris Cool 3.51 XL
  • Elemaris Compact, 1005772, 1009491, 1009651, 1001122, 106832, 105731, 1001126, 1005727, 1009650, 1001492, 1001125


  • Tassimo TAS5542GB, TAS4504GB, TAS6515GB, TAS8520GB
  • Filtrino Instant Hot Water Dispenser
  • Filtrino Fastcup THD2023
  • Filtrino Fastcup THD2021

Russell Hobbs

  • Brita Purity Kettle 20760-10, 20770, 22851

Morphy Richards

  • 120004


  • VKJ972

PearlCo & Dafi

  • Unimax


  • Maxfor


  • Duomax


  • AWF102
  • Rated Capacity l (G) – 150 (40) (1 Month Average)

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