Auto Shut-Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis Systems (Kit 6)

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  • Auto shut off kit for Aquariums, Reverse Osmosis applications and Window Cleaning systems.
  • Made from Food Grade Material. Anti-Corrosion and Rust Proof. Can be used with Sea and/or Salt Water
  • Control output from RO system is simple to fit for switching off water. If your system has a pump, you do not require this kit

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This kit is ideal for controlling the flow of water coming from a Reverse Osmosis filtration unit or similar that is connected to a tank.

The water flow will stop when the tank is full and the control valve will operate and close off the RO waste/drain valve. To fix the valve in the wall of your tank you need a 5/8″ hole, all the seals/nuts that are required to fix the ball valve are included.

  • 2 Meters 1/4″ Water Pipe
  • 3/8″ Male BSP Thread Adjustable Float Valve with 1/4″ Pipe Connection
  • 1/4″ Push Fit Inline Check Valve
  • 1/4″ Pushfit 4 Way Shutoff Valve
  • Pipe Cutter

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