50gpd Replacement Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump

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  • Stocked as a spare part compatible with all of our 50gpd RO Systems
  • Perfectly suited to direct perfect operating pressure and flow within RO systems
  • Complete the kit with your choice of six different connections, types including pushfit and barbed hose fittings
  • UK Mains power supply adapter comes included, ensuring a safe setup and service life for the pump

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A striking proportion of RO efficiency is dependant on the operating pressure of the membrane. This is significantly boosted by the cooperation of a booster pump ‘boosting’ the pressure, flow and therefore membrane up to the optimum performance level.

A pumped reverse osmosis system would require a pump that correlates with the rated permeate output of the membrane(s). example: 100gpd pump for a 100gpd membrane and 200gpd pump for a system with 2 x 100gpd membranes. If the wrong pump is applied then you may experience water quality and production issues with your system

Pump Care

Do not run a pump continuously for more than 4 hours or allow a pump to run dry. Doing so will cause the pump to overheat and become damaged. So that you do not need to manually turn the unit on and off every 4 hours, we suggest installing a timer to give the pump a thirty minute break so that it will cool down. We also recommend you install a low pressure switch before your pump so that it does not run dry with little feed flow. A pump should also be mounted using the built in mounting holes to stop the pump from getting damaged through uncontrolled vibration.

If any of the above directions are not followed, the warranty of the pump will be null and void. We will ask for evidence of you following the above directions and will not issue a warranty replacement without any.

  • Flow gpd (lph) – ≥ 200 (31.5)
  • Inlet Pressure bar (psi) – 2.1 (30)
  • Working Pressure bar (psi) – 5.6 (80)
  • Voltage V DC – 24
  • Power Supply Voltage – 24
  • Working Current A – ≤ 0.65
  • Maximum Current A – ≤ 1.2
  • Power Supply Current A – ≤ 1.2
  • Port Size – 3/8″ F NPT
  • Dimensions mm – L 202 x H 85 W 111
  • Weight kg – 2.1
  • RO Booster Pump
  • Pump Power Supply
  • Fitted Power Plug
  • Safety Electrical Connections to Join Pump and Supply
  • Optional Connections of Your Choice
  • A Roll of PTFE Thread Sealing Tape

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