225 NaF Virgin Water Softening Resin

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  • NSF / ANSI 61 Certified for Drinking Water System Components
  • WQA Approved Gold Seal
  • 100% Virgin (Non Regenerated) Resin

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Specifically designed for processes within the food and beverage industry in which treated water is necessary, Our premium grade water softening resin is a perfect choice no matter the size of operation – It works effectively within domestic settings and can be scaled up to much larger industrial applications.

This gel type resin comes in the form of moist, uniform spherical beads with great physical integrity. The toughness of this resin is ideal for replacing even the most stubborn calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) within your water with more soft sodium ions. The service life is furthered by the advanced physical and chemical stability produced by some of the worlds most trusted manufacturers.


  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Treatment of Foodstuffs
  • Treatment of Beverages
  • Appearance – Spherical Beads
  • Type – Gel
  • Matrix – Crosslinked Polystyrene
  • Particle Size Range mm – 0.3 – 1.2
  • Moisture Holding Capacity % – 47 – 60
  • Maximum Operating Temp °C (°F) – 120 (248)

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