RO Replacement Sets

Reverse osmosis is a process in which to produce pure water, you are required to use components within the treatment process that eventually degrade and become inefficient and unfunctional. The service lives of membranes, cartridges and resins all depend on the quality and volume of water being treated, it will also differ depending on what tier of our cartridges you apply in your system and the size of the resin stage installed.

The advised product service life can be found within specifications on individual product pages and on the dropdown menus from when ordering your first system, to ordering a replacement set.

All replacement consumable sets come complete with the necessary RO components required to replace every consumable on your RO System:
  • Choice of particle pre filter
  • Choice of granular carbon cartridge (If applicable)
  • Choice of carbon block cartridge
  • RO membrane(s)
  • Resin (If applicable)
  • Post Filtration (If applicable)
  Please refer to the below list of what RO components come in each set.

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