Particle Filtration

Particle Filtration is the process of trapping and retaining varied sizes of particulate from a supplied liquid. Targeted filtration sizes range from 100 micron (Roughly the diameter of human hair), to less than 1 micron (not only small enough to filter out dirt and mould, but also remove bacteria and harmful fumes). Typically first within a filtration series, our particle filters can be purchased in three different styles:

Spun bonded – Thin media is interwoven to produce a thick outer wall before being thermally bonded and secured in place to produce the best accuracy and filtration efficiency.

String Wound – Thicker strings of media are layered in even patterns around a strong central core to produce the highest temperature and chemical compatibility.

Pleated – Long Strips of media are neatly folded in formation around a core to gain the highest surface area. This allows for increasing flow rates and particle loading.

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