Pleated 10" Jumbo Washable Filter

10" jumbo pleated particle filter. Suitable for bio diesel, water filters and rainwater harvesting. Available in a range of micron sizes.

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Polyester pleated 10" jumbo washable sediment and particle filter, suitable for use with bio diesel, borehole, private water supplies and rainwater harvesting systems.

This filter is availble in the following micron sizes:

  • 1 micron
  • 5 micron
  • 10 micron
  • 20 micron
  • 50 micron
Simply select which one you need from the dropdown box.

These particle filters, although initially more expensive to buy, are reusable and can be washed using a hose pipe. When cleaning avoid using high pressure water jets.

This filter will fit most popular 10" jumbo & big blue filter housings.

This filter is made from non-woven polyester fabric by a high quality manufacturer, Aquabest Corporation of California. This filter is certified as being totally food safe by Quality Water Association, a quality filter to hold the Vyair brand.

This filter is suitable for the following uses:

  • Sediment / particle filter use is 1st stage of filtration
  • Bio diesel & waste vegetable oil
  • Pond filtration, koi & aquatic uses
  • Well, bore hole, private water supply,
  • Swimming pools & similar
  • Filtration for removal of heavy sediment & visible impurities.

Technical Information.

  • Nominal OD 4.5" 64mm
  • Nominal ID 1.1" 28mm
  • Length: 9 7/8"  (fits most standard  10" housings)
  • Maximum operating pressure 80psi
  • Maximum temperature 51.6C
  • Designed with high surface area for maximum dirt holding.
  • End caps: Vinyl Plastical
  • Designed with high surface area for maximum dirt-holding 
  • Washable, reusable
  • Superior bacteria and chemical resistance
  • Low pressure drop with long service life
  • High Flow Rates.
  • Material: Non-woven Polyester
  • End Caps: Vinyl Plastisal
  • Core: Polypropylene
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