Mini Plastic Float Valve

Mini plastic float valve 1/4" pipe fittings, perfect for use with aquarium or tanks to automatically control water levels. Mini float valve only 99mm long.

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This is a mini plastic float valve, which is ideal for controlling the flow of water coming from a water filter or similar where you want the water to be turned off when the tank is full. To fix the valve in the wall of your tank, you need a 5/8" hole. All of the seals/nuts that are needed to fix the ball valve are included.

We include (at no extra cost) 1/4" pipe fittings to allow you to connect 1/4" water pipe directly to the float valve. This is an elbow connection that exits the end of the ball valve at 90 degrees. 

Technical specifications

  • Valve material: POM
  • Ball material: PP
  • Ball diameter: 40mm
  • Plug material: natural rubber
  • Pressure: 0.01 - 0.8 mpa / 0.1 - 8 bar / 0.145 - 116psi
  • Water temperature: -35 °c - 75 °c
  • Flow rate - 3.0 (P = 0.6M pa)
  • Connects to 1/4" plastic filter pipe
  • Max. Length - 99mm (3.89 inches)


  • Made out of a food grade material
  • Anti-corrosion and rust proof; can therefore be used in sea water
  • Widely used on all water tanks and other water supply equipments such as aquatic products and fountain products.
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