Milwaukee MW13 Iodine Checker

The easy to use simplistic Milwaukee MW-13 has a small and modern look design, measuring iodine effectively.
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The easy to use simplistic Milwaukee MW-13 is a factory programmed instrument displays a clear LED screen with an immediate and effective resolution reading of 0.1ppm. With a measurement range of 0.0-12.50 ppm, this Iodine checker can be used in various applications i.e agriculture, aquariums and swimming pools.

Having a small and modern look design, the MW-13 measures iodine effectively and as well as efficiently uses its battery power by turning off after 2 minutes of non use. We believe this is a great meauring equipment to aid with iodine and other media level measurements. 


Battery Type: 1.5v AAA

Range: 0.0 - 12.50 ppm

Resolution: 0.1 ppm

Light Detection: LED

Auto-Off: turns off after 2 minutes of non-use

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