RO-50MP - 4 Stage Pumped RO System with DI Stage

4 stage pumped 50gpd RO water filter system, with DI stage for aquatics. 

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Vyair 4 stage pumped reverse osmosis water filter. For use in fish keeping, horticulture, exotic pet, marine aquarium & reef tank filtration, and industrial processes requiring pure water with low conductivity.
This RO water filter has been designed and manufactured with fish keepers, exotic gardeners and exotic pet keepers in mind. Many of our customers have asked for a no frills pumped reverse osmosis water filter system with a built in mixed bed resin stage.
If you are concerned that you have a relatively low water pressure then please DO NOT purchase an umpumped RO unit, but consider this system. 

If you wish to check your water pressure, for every 9 litres of water that flows from your tap (nearest to where you wish to connect the ro unit to) is equivalent to 1 bar water pressure. Thus if you get 27 litres from your tap in one minute then you can use an unpumped system

This unit is designed for automatic unattended operation, it is fitted with:
  • Electronic controls
  • Low pressure switch - should the water supply fail of filters get blocked the low pressure switch will operate to prevent pump damage
  • Flush valve - provides a 19 second pumped high pressure flush when the system starts up.
  • For extended us we do recommend that you do use the manual flush valve to assist in extending the life of the membrane.
  • High pressure switch - this allows you to use this RO unit with an automatic float valve on a tank. When the float valve closes off the water supply the high pressure switch will operate and stop the unit, close the waste valve, turn off the pump, and stop water production.
  • The system will start again when the ball valve opens again.
  • You may, if you wish, just use the unit as and when you need it. Please be aware that you should not leave the unit unused for longer than 2 weeks. If you need to lay up your RO unit you need to store the membrane in a solution of sodium metabisulphite solution to preserve it

Please note all gallons are quoted by the factory in US gallons which are 3.78litres= 1 US gallons. There are a number of factors that affect the output of reverse osmosis water filters, input water pressure, TDS of input water, bacterial film on RO membranes (not changing pre-filters often enough) and most important, particularly in winter months, water temperature.

There is an option to upgrade the mixed bed resin to a colour change resin. A colour change resin changes from green to yellow straw colour when the resin is worn out


  • Stage 1 = 10" 5 micron blown melt particle and sediment filters
  • Stage 2 = 10" CTO block carbon 10 micron filtration
  • Stage 3 = 50gpd reverse osmosis membrane
  • Stage 4=  10" clear housing with clear refillable resin housing

What's in the box?

  • 4 stage reverse osmosis unit, DI cartridge
  • Brand new set of two pre-filters
  • 1x 50gpd RO membrane
  • Mixed bed refillable (DI) resin stage
  • Fill of mixed bed resin (colour change upgrade available)
  • Mains self piercing connector
  • Waste water saddle valve
  • Connecting pipe

This product housings are made from heavy duty food grade plastic, casings. The filters are manufactured by a quality ISO 9001 company a member of the Quality Water Association of America. This unit will provide you with tap water tasting as good as it gets.

Stages of Filtration

  • Stage 1 - PP filter - made from spun polyester designed to remove particles, impurities from water.
  • Stage 2 - CTO filter - made from extruded high quality activated carbon, removes particles as small as 5 microns
  • Stage 3 - 50gpd reverse osmosis membrane - designed to remove, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and bacteria. Water as pure as it gets, removes 97-99% of all impurities
  • Stage 4 - DI mixed bed resin stage - for polishing water for marine fish use 
  • This unit is manufactured to comply with reverse osmosis standard NSF58.

Technical Information

  • Size W472mm x D170mm x H370mm
  • Operating Temperature 5C-40C 
  • Operating pressure 25-58psi 

Filter Life

Dependent upon usage of the unit the 1, 2 cartridge filters will need changing every 6 months, the RO membrane requires changing at approximately 12 months but this is dependent upon the quality of your input water. If you live in a hard water area the life of your RO will me much lass than if you live in a soft water area.

If there is an option to supply your RO filter from a softened water supply this will extend the life of your membrane. The DI cartridge is designed for low output pure water production. All filters are in stock and can be purchased at any time. The need to change filters is dependent upon actual use and the quality of your water.

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