Laica Classic Filter Cartridges - 6 Pack

Laica Classic filter jug cartridges, also fits Brita Classic and Kenwood.

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Pack of six Laica Classic filter cartridges, for use with Classic water filter jugs. These are genuine Laica product which has recently arrived from their factory in Italy, and as such is a universal filter jug cartridge that will fit other brands. The Classic cartridge replaces Kenwood Classic, Brita Classic, Laica, Curver, Waymaster and older style Boots cartridges. Each of the six filters is individually wrapped. Each filter typically last one month (dependant on water quality), meaning this pack will provide you with up to six months of filtration.

Laica Classic filter cartridges efficiently deal with chlorine, limescale, heavy metals, preventing that terrible scum you can get on hot drinks. Laica filter jug cartridges works in the following 4 stages:
  • The top filter to trap large particles floating in the water (sand, dirt, rust, etc.)
  • The latest in food grade ion exchange technology. The resins reduce heavy metals, limescale and aluminium, as well as others. All Laica products have 100% traceability of all components 
  • Special activated carbon absorbs chlorine and organic pollutants such as herbicides, bad tastes, solvents, and other odours
  • Fine particle filter, designed to remove particles from your water

NOTE: We are authorised resellers of Laica products here in the UK, much of the information on this listing is supplied directly to us by Laica.

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