Laica Bi-Flux Filter - 4 Pack

Four pack of Bi-Flux cartridges, which will also fit Brita Maxtra and Bosch Tassimo.

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Laica Bi-flux x 4
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Set of four Laica Bi-Flux cartridges, which are direct replacements for Laica water filter jugs. Laica provides a quality filter cartridge that will fit many other brands of kitchen water filter jugs. The Bi-Flux cartridge also fits Brita Maxtra and Bosch Tassimo. Filters typically last around a month (depending on water quality), meaning this pack will provide up to four months of filtration. Each filter is individually wrapped to ensure freshness.

Filtration Stages

  1. Pre filtration
  2. Reduction of heavy metals
  3. Reduction by chemical absorption of chlorine and derivatives
  4. Mineral balance (Ca + Mg) (reduces scale)
  5. pH control
  6. Bacteriostatic
  7. Micro mesh (particle removal)
  8. Flow regulator (to ensure water in contact with filter for optimum time)
  9. Anti-sediments (removes sediment)
  10. Twin stream 


    Bi-Flux cartridges are safe and secure, and complies with all provisions of the law provided. In particular, Bi-Flux does not contain ammonium, bisphenol, epichlorhydrin, polyvinyl chloride and acrylamide

    The Bi-Flux filter system is effective in reducing unwanted or harmful elements present in the water as proven in independent laboratories. The list of chemicals it reduces includes:

    Chlorine, trihalomethanes (Chloroform, bromoform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane which can not be removed by boiling), chlorinated herbicides and pesticides, heavy metals (lead, copper, zinc, mercury, aluminum and others) and semi-metals.

    Laica guarantees ensuring their quality controls before, during and after production. Rigorous testing of the most important and qualified international certification bodies certify the quality of the Laica Bi-Flux.

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