10" Jumbo Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Filter

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GAC-type cartridges are designed such that where water flows from bottom to top, ensuring long contact time and allowing for maximum adsorption and treatment.

Due to the unique formula developed by the R&D Department, these GAC cartridges are capable of water softening, scale prevention and reduction in addition to traditional product competencies. They also remove chlorine and organic contaminants, heavy metals from water (i.e. lead, copper, mercury) as well as radioactive particles (caesium, strontium). The cartridges are excellent for taste and odour improvement.


  • High quality
  • Component FDA CFR Title 21 and NSF approved Coconut Shell Activated Carbon
  • Removes heavy metals (Pb, Cu, Hg, Sr, Cs)*
  • Removes chlorine, its derivatives and organic substances
  • Softens water (improving scale reduction)
  • Improves taste and odour of water
  • Equipped with end filter, preventing particulates of filtration media from being washed out

Made in the EU with high quality materials.

*Performance claims are based on manufacturer's internal test data. Actual performance is dependent on influent water quality, flow rates, system design and applications. Your results may vary.

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