John Guest 15mm - 1/2" Pipe Converter

John Guest 15mm push fit - 1/2" BSP thread. Suitable to connect water filters to 15mm copper pipe. 

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Genuine John Guest 15mm push fit to 1/2" BSP thread. This fitting is useful to push on to the end of bare 15mm copper or plastic water pipe. This can be used as an initial connection to connect a water filter to copper pipe.

This fitting can also be used with water filter housings that have 1/2" BSP female brass inserts. This is the perfect part to connect a Vyair 3 Stage water filter with 1/2" connections directly to your mains water.

Makes life very easy; screw the parts into the female threads and make simple connections to your mains water pipes. We recommend using a thread sealing tape prior to screwing it.

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