Bone Char Carbon Media Filled Pressure Vessel 11L For HMA Chloramine Removal Koi with Additional Filter Housing & Cartridge

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Bone Char Carbon Media Filled 11L Pressure Vessel HMA Chloramine Removal For Koi 

This item is a brand-new CE approved resin vessel. It has not been recycled or reclaimed. Our prices are low because you are buying from a UK seller. We are NOT a re-seller.

This product is guaranteed, and if properly maintained, can last a lifetime. Should you ever damage any part of this product, including any internal parts, we keep everything in stock in our UK warehouse.

If you require any help or technical advice prior to purchase please message us.

Product Features: Complete system, all parts included and assembled, including riser pipe, resin head, internal parts. Suitable for drinking water following KTW recommendations. Vessel is delivered FILLED with resin and ready to use. Complies with all requirements of P.E.D. 97/23/EC directive.

Clunk-click hose fittings included. 11.0 litre capacity. Includes stand. Operating Specifications: Maximum Pressure: 10.5 Bar (150 psi) Maximum Vacuum: 127mm Hg (5" Hg) Maximum temperature: 49oC (120oF) Minimum Temperature: 1oC (34oF)

Handling Instructions: Vessel must not be exposed to temperatures below -29oC (-20oF) Vessel approved for water filtration use only.

Natural Charcoal is ideal for treating the water in small or remote areas. It can be used in small units serving one house or sized up to treat the water to a small community.

Bone Char consists of a material in granular form which is produced from natural charring of animal bones.

Heavy metals which are removed include:

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Nickel

Other common applications using Bone char media are:

  • Bromine removal filters
  • Chlorine removal filters
  • Fluoride Filters
  • Fertiliser and pesticide reduction and removal

A Unique Absorption Media

Natural Charcoal is currently used by a number of companies as a unique absorption media for the removal of colour and metals from surface water for the production of drinking water.

Colour in water is often caused by either organic molecules such as humic or fulvic acids or by the metals ions of iron and manganese.

Natural Charcoal is unique in that it will absorb both types of colourant. It consists of a mixture of a complex calcium phosphate and carbon arranged around an extensive pore structure. The pores are “macropores”, ideal for the absorption of large organic molecules such as humic and fulvic acid, while the complex phosphate structures remove iron and manganese by a complex method including ion exchange.


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