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Pureeash shower filter - This shower filter is the most technologically advanced inline shower filter available, 10 x more effective than KDF55. Removes chlorine, heavy metal and contaminants.

There is much published by sellers of shower filters but the capabilities of this filter have been independently verified. Most other shower filters sellers talk about KDF, which is effective chlorine removal agent. But this filter contains a new product, NMC media which has 10x the effectiveness of KDF55.

This inline shower filter will fit virtually every shower hose that has 1/2" fittings, (and most of them have), merely unscrew your shower hose from the outlet and put your new pureeasy shower head inline.

We use these inline shower filters and the difference is amazing. You can genuinely feel the immediate difference. For more information visit the Pureeasy website,

Pureeasy's shower filter with new filtration media-NMC (nano-metal clusters water purification media, 10 times water purification efficiency of KDF55) can remove free chlorine, heavy metal ions, organics and contaminants. Negative ions and far infrared rays from tourmaline ceramic ball can activate the water. The healthy water through the Pureeasy's shower filter restores natural softness to hair, scalp and skin.


  • Protects your hair and skin from the damaging effects of chlorine;
  • Helps to protect against toxic chemicals found in tap water which may be absorbed through the skin; 
  • Leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy; 
  • A must for anyone who cares about their hair, skin;

Technical data:

  • Output: >6l/min 
  • Capacity: approx. 50,000 litrEs(depending on water conditions)
  • Working pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa (1-4 bar i14.5psi-58psi)
  • Operating temperature range: 4-85c
  • Weight: approx. 395g
  • Dimensions: 7.3cm diameter 13.2cm long
  • Material: NMC, multi porous fiber, nano metal clusters (Nano-KDF) media,activated tourmaline crystal

Functions: 4 stage purification

  • Stage 1 multi porous fibres - Removes suspended contaminants, etc.
  • Stage 2 non-phosphor soften micro balls - Softens water, smooth skin, hair
  • Stage 3 NMC - Removes chlorine and heavy metals ions
  • Stage 4 activated tourmaline crystal - Activated water, makes skin more healthy
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