Indion NSSR Nitrate Removal DI Resin For Ponds Aquariums Fish Keeping 25L Bag

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Commonly used as the final stage of your filtration system, Nitrate resin effectively removes Nitrate contaminates from your water. it is useful for a wide variety of industrial or commercial applications, from fish keeping to use in reverse osmosis drinking water system if you are experiencing high nitrate levels in your drinking water.

Technical Information

INDION NSSR is a macroporous strongly basic anion resin which is tailor-made to suit removal of nitrate ions from water for potable uses. The proper mix of physico-chemical properties gives ideal nitrate exchange kinetics to this resin making suitable for nitrate removal in the presence of sulphate ions. High concentration of nitrate in water is a potential hazard for two reasons. The nitrate ions form complexes with the blood and in the long run cause oxygen depletion affecting human life. The flow of nitrate-bearing water through iron pipes can cause depletion of oxygen leading to corrosion. In view of these difficulties use of an Ion Exchange resin is the preferred process for nitrate removal.


Ion exchange resin requires proper care at all times. The resin must never be allowed to become dry. Regularly open the plastic bags and check the condition of resin when in storage. If not moist, add enough clean demineralised water and keep it in completely moist condition.

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