Fully Automated High Capacity 4040 Reverse Osmosis Unit

Fully Automated High Capacity 4040 Reverse Osmosis Unit Fully Automated for Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Window Cleaning and Aquatics
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Please Note: Due to the bespoke build of this item it has a lead time of 1-2 weeks and is a palletised delivery (Monday-Friday). One of our representatives will be in touch once the order is placed to confirm this.

High-output, fully automated reverse osmosis system ideal for window cleaners and aquatics. Uses a commercial 4040 reverse osmosis membrane and constant duty (24/7) pump, providing steady 100psi output. The unit will produce in excess of 3 litres per minute, that is 180 litres per hour, in excess of 4,000 litres per day.

This unit uses a commercial PLC controller to provide full automation of the system.

The Vyair 4040 Automated Commercial Reverse Osmosis unit is designed for the true professional who wants a quality, heavy duty, high output reverse osmosis water system.

Manufactured in the UK, using water safe components, all parts either WRAS approved or WQA, you know that you are quite safe using the output water for window cleaning, aquatic fish or koi carp.

The system is heavy as you would expect from a high quality system and will be delivered on a pallet fully assembled.

As standard, this unit with come with the following pre-configured presets:

  • Auto-fill Filter System - This will automatically restart and make water once water is removed from the storage tank
  • 1 Minute Flush - On startup, the unit will flush the membrane for 1 minute before making water. It will then flush again after approximately 1 hour.

5-minute Flush can also be enabled as another option. With this preset the membrane will flush for 5 minutes at startup and will then flush again for 5 minutes every 4 hours.

This unit also features pump protection - will turn off pump if there is no water supply and turn off water going into the RO unit when the tank is full. This means no wasted water.

Automatic membrane flushing with a choice of flush programs (above).

Auto shut off if the water tank is full with the option of auto on/off when the water is taken from the tank or manual restart with the on/off buttons.

Dimensions: H 127cm, W 74cm D 40cm

What we include with the system:

  • Digital controller allowing for full automation of the system
  • UK manufactured powder coated frame
  • European manufactured continuous cycle pump, can operate 24/7
  • Leak proof pushfit fittings
  • Stainless steel 4040 reverse osmosis membrane housing
  • Commercial grade 4040 reverse osmosis membrane
  • Fitted pressure gauge
  • Mains power/switch isolator fitted to system
  • RCD plug fitted to end of 3m cable for 100% safety. If you damage the cable the power is cut instantly.
  • Fitted 7 litre resin vessel, filled with MB-115 DI resin, outlet terminated in clunk click hose connection.
  • 2 x 20" pre-filters fitted with high capacity carbon wrap filters. These are 5 micron and made with coconut carbon impregnated cellulose to give filters with up to 3x the capacity of normal pre-filters.
  • We include 3m of pipe to connect to the unit waste/restrictor valve.

Filter Replacement:

  • The pre-filters in this unit should be replaced after the production of 40,000 litres of water or after a maximum of 6 months.
  • We recommend that the membrane is replaced after no longer than 12 months.

Technical Information:

  • Requires a minimum water pressure of 2-bar and a minimum flow rate of 10lpm (litres-per-minute)
  • Do not use if your input water exceeds a TDS of 450
  • Operating Temperature: 5°C - 30°C
  • Only operate indoors
  • Do not operate in direct sunlight
  • Protect from frost
  • All water connections must be permanent - Do not use clunk click type connections
  • In the event of an electrical failure, the water supply to the filter is closed
  • In the event of a water supply failure, a low pressure switch will turn off the filter, protecting the pump

Please Note: There are no user servicable parts within the PLC Controller Box - Opening this box will void any warranty.

Why is this system one of the best on the market?

  • Only high grade water grade components used (no car heater hose like other systems)
  • Only highest quality parts used that are tested to international standards
  • We offer telephone support pre & post purchase, if you have not bought from us try our support, 01507 524576
  • Delivered fully tested and ready for work, no self assembly, connect water, pure water connection, drain water, then connect to the power
  • Safety is of paramount importance hence we have fitted an RCD plug to ensure if cable is damaged the power is instantly cut
  • All spare parts stocked for immediate shipment should you ever need them

Test Results

  • In tests the system produced 3.2 litres per minute of pure water
  • Quality of water prior to resin stage input TDS 290, output TDS 6

The system is quiet and relatively vibration free.


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