We were very lucky to visit the All England Koi Show in Kent last weekend! A huge thanks to the South East Koi Club for a great event.
Our highlight was the opportunity we got to chat and engage with some of you. Some very insightful discussions were had, with some lovely and interesting people.
It was an honour to help those out there who were just getting into the world of Koi and needed some technical advice to get them started. On the other hand, we learned a lot of valuable information from the experienced heads we had the chance to speak with.
We cherish these moments, the learning experiences we can gather, and the connections we can build with the amazing Koi community. Our biggest takeaway was a new focus on providing customers with the specific information they are looking for instead of offering granular technical advice.
The event was held on Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th, at the Kent Showground. The days ran from 9.30-5 and had a really good turnout to enjoy the good weather.
It was unfortunate that the fuel crisis prevented many people from getting down. Hopefully, we get the chance to meet those people at another trade show soon!