Bacteriostatic Polypropylene PP Melt Blown Sediment Water Filter Cartridges

Bacteriostatic polypropylene PP melt blown sediment water filter cartridges for use in reverse osmosis systems and water filter housings.

BACinix Nanosilver Technology

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Bacteriostatic polypropylene melt blown cartridges made using "melt-blown" technique. These cartridges contain a nanosilver based antibacterial agent - BACinix™. The cartridges are made from polypropylene with an addition of antimicrobial agent based on silver. They remove sediments such as sand, silt, rust and suspended solids.

BACinix™ nanosilver technology protects the cartridges from microbiological growth, increasing cartridges longevity.

Please Note: Products dedicated to cold water filtration.

  • Available sizes: 10", 20"
  • Available micron rating: 5, 20,
  • Working temperature: 2°C - 60°C
  • Longevity: 5 - 8 months (depending on the feed water quality)

Detailed information available in PDF card.

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