10" Jumbo Carbon Wrap Filter Cartridge

These dual-purpose cartridges are well suited for a wide range of residential applications

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  • Filter Media – PAC impregnated cellulose
  • Endcaps – Vinyl plastisol
  • Netting – Polyethylene
  • Core – Polypropylene
  • Temperature Rating – 40-125°F (4.4-51.7°C) Maximum 52°C


  • Rating (Nominal)* - 5

*Based on manufacturer's internal testing.

Vyair CWC Series cartridges offer an economical solution for all your general-purpose water filtration needs. Constructed of a carbon impregnated cellulose media, these dual-purpose cartridges filter out fine sediment particles and reduce unwanted taste, odour, and chlorine taste and odour from your tap water.* External netting provides additional strength and dirt-holding capacity.

CWC Series cartridges are 10" and are nominally rated at 5-microns.

These dual-purpose cartridges are well suited for a wide range of residential applications, and make excellent polishing filters when used in process or closed-loop streams.

*Based on manufacturer's internal testing.

IMPORTANT: Increased flow rates may result in less effective chlorine reduction. Some harmless bacteria will attack cellulose media cartridges. If your cartridge seems to disintegrate or has a musty or mouldy odour, switch to a synthetic media cartridge or consult the manufacturer. Estimated capacity tested at given flow rate using 2 ppm free available chlorine to 0.5 ppm breakthrough.

WARNING: Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.


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