ECO4 4040 Ultra Low Pressure ULP Commercial Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane

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ECO-4040 ultra low pressure commercial reverse osmosis membrane.

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The ECO-4040 reverse osmosis membrane element is made from the highest quality membrane material manufactured by Toray. This is ideal for use with our own GRP fibreglass, stainless steel or Champ 40" commercial RO housings.

ECO4-4040 = 7,900 litres (1,740 UK/gallons) per day, @ a pressure of 75 psi. This membrane will provide equivalent output to an HF-5 membrane and is cheaper.

Reasonable Expectations

Unlike many other companies we would like to provide information as to a reasonable expectations. Fact: unless your input water is heated to 24 °C, pumped with a pressure of 75 psi and other water factors you won't achieve this.

UK water temperature is around 12 °C, and if you have a pressure of 45 psi, you will approximately achieve 1 litres per minute (approx. 60 litres hour). If you increase your pressure, you can expect a higher output. We assemble systems many times every week, and this is what we achieve straight from our pre-filters connected to the water mains when we test systems.

If you are going to pump your water, please ensure that your pump has sufficient water flow and sufficient pressure. Beware there are many "water-movers" low wattage, low pressure high volume pumps. You need a pump that will provide around 5 litres per minute at a pressure of 70 - 80 psi constantly.

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