DMfit 12mm x 10mm x 12mm T-Piece Pushfit Fitting

Our black Acetal DMFit 12mm x 10mm x 12mm T-Piece fitting is ideal for water applications and also suitable for vented and sealed central heating systems.

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Our DMFit 12mm x 10mm x 12mm T-Piece is made from a Acetal Copolymer, the fitting piece is non toxic which should not contaminate your water and other media solutions. This fitting is specified to be used with reverse osmosis systems, fridge filters, and pneumatic units.

There are numerous material types this part will work in conjunction with. These include tubing (as well as flexible tubing like silicone and Tygon®, although soft tube supports will be needed), soft metals (copper, brass, mild steel) and semi-rigid plastics (nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene). 

Brand: DMFit 

Material: Acetal

Connection Type 1: 12mm

Connection Type 2: 10mm

Connection Type 3: 12mm

Fit Fitting Type: T-piece

Temperature and Pressure ranges:

Temp                  Pressure 

+1°C                      16 Bar

+20°C                    16 Bar

+65°C                    10 Bar

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