Compact 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis water filter system with 3 stages of filtration and a compact design for use for plants, marine fish and discus.

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compact 3 Stage RO
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Compact reverse osmosis water filter, complete with 3 stage filtration. Provides water for drinking, aquariums, plant propagation and use in pharmaceuticals.

This reverse osmosis water filter, like all unpumped reverse osmosis units, does rely on you having a strong mains water pressure, please do not buy this item if you do not have a good water pressure. This unit operates best at input water pressures of between 30psi (2 Bar) & 60psi (4 Bar). We would suggest that this is not suitable for use with gravity fed unpumped cold water systems (where the water is stored in the loft). Normal UK water pressure should be from around 2 bar and above.

Please note that all gallon ratings are quoted by the factory in US gallons, in which 3.78 litres = 1 US gallon. There are a number of factors that affect the output of reverse osmosis water filters, input water pressure, TDS of input water, bacterial film on RO membranes (not changing prefilters often enough) and, most important particularly in winter months, water temperature.

What's in the box?

  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Brand new set of two single use filters
  • Original 50 gallon per day reverse osmosis membrane
  • Connecting pipes
  • 3/4" tap connector; fits to washing machine and outdoor tap type connections
  • Flow regulator

This product is made from heavy duty food grade plastic casings. The filters are manufactured by a quality ISO 9001 company, a member of the Water Quality Association of America. This unit will provide you with tap water tasting as good as it gets.

Stages of Filtration

  • Stage 1 - PP filter - made from spun polyester designed to remove particles, impurities from water
  • Stage 2 - GAC filter - made from granular activated coconut carbon, designed to remove chlorine and dissolved organics from the input water.
  • Stage 3 - Reverse osmosis membrane - designed to remove heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and bacteria. Removes 97-99% of all impurities. This unit also removes fluoride from the water.

      This unit is manufactured to comply with reverse osmosis standard NSF 58.

      • This unit will remove Sodium, Calcium,  Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Aluminium, Ammonium, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Strotium, Cadnium, Silver, Mercury, Barium, Chromium, Lead, Chloride,  Bicarbonate, Nitrate, Fluoride, Silicate, Thiosulfate, Ferro cyanide, Bromide, Borate, Arsenic, Selenium
      • Biological & particulate contaminants: Bacteria, Protozoa, Amoebic Cysts, Guardia, Asbestos and any sediment

          Technical Specifications

          • Operating temperature: 5 °C - 40 °C 
          • Operating pressure: 30 - 125 psi 
          • 50 gallon per day RO membrane

          Filter Life

          Dependant upon usage of the unit, the first and second cartridge filters will need changing every 6 months, and the membrane filter requires changing at approximately 12 to 18 months. The need to change filters is dependant upon actual use and the quality of your water.

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