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How to Prevent Water Spots When Washing your Car

Streak-free perfection is absolutely key in the world of car valeting and detailing. With clients paying large sums of money, …

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Best Marine/Aquatic Water Filtration Practices.

Getting your new fish tank set up is easy for any level – from beginner to seasoned pro – as …

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Water filtration for Window Cleaning

Pure water for window cleaning makes sense. The impurities in the municipal water supply present problems to window cleaners. Solve …

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Distillery Water Filtration

t is vital in distilleries or breweries to have total control over your water supply. Contaminants are particulates in the …

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Bottled Water vs Filtered Water. Which one is Healthier?

Municipal water supplies and drinking water infrastructure have revolutionised living standards for billions of people around the world. Truly a …

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What is De-ionising Resin?

What is De-ionising Resin?   Resin is one of the most effective forms of water purification for many applications such as …

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Recycling sewage into drinking water

The idea of recycling sewage into drinking water would make the stomachs of many turn. It invokes imagery of a …

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