Auto Shut-Off Kit for Reverse Osmosis RO Systems

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Automatic shut off kit for aquarium reverse osmosis filter system. This turns the water off when the tank is full.

This kit is ideal for controlling the flow of water coming from a reverse osmosis water filter or similar that is connected to a tank. The water flow will stop when the tank is full and the control valve will operate and close off the RO waste/drain.

To fix the valve in the wall of your tank you need a 5/8" hole, all the seals/nuts that are needed to fix the ball valve are included.

Click here for Installation Instructions

How does it work?

  • Connect the 4 way valve to your RO water filter, in from waste/drain of RO housing on one side of the valve, the out of waste/drain to the other side.
  • Connect the RO water output in exactly the same way. Thus you will have the 2 outlets from the RO machine on one side and the final outlets the other side. Ensure that the inlets & outlet from each output are on same level.
  • Then connect the mini float valve to your tank and the pure water outlet to the mini float valve.
  • The one way valve is included in case it is needed and this should be inserted (if one not already fitted to outlet of RO housing) between the outlet of pure water from RO housing and the 4 way valve.
  • When the tank fills the float valve close which creates a high pressure in the 4 way valve that will close the waste, saving your filters and preventing waste running all the time.
  • Please note if you already have a Vyair reverse osmosis water filter it may already have a automatic shut off system fitted. In this case you will only need the float valve.

Included in the kit:

  • 3/8" bsp male adjustable mini float valve with 1/4" pipe connection
  • 4-way shut-off valve - push-fit connectors
  • Float valve with 1/4" connection
  • 2 meters of 1/4" tubing
  • 1 x push-fit connector (one way valve)

Technical specification of the float valve

  • 3/8" inch bsp male adjustable plastic float valve
  • Valve material - POM
  • Ball material - PP
  • Ball diameter - 40 mm
  • Plug material - natural rubber
  • Pressure - 0.01 - 0.8 Mpa / 0.1-8bar /.145-116psi
  • Water temperature: -35 - +75c
  • Flow rate - 3.0 (P = 0.6M pa)
  • Connect to 1/4" plastic filter pipe
  • Length max - 99mm (3.89")


  • Made out of a food grade material
  • Anti corrosion and rust proof, can therefore be used in sea water
  • Widely used on all water tanks and other water supply equipments such as aquatic products and fountain products
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